Lesson Rescheduling


Students may reschedule lessons cancelled before 24 hours. Inside of 24 hours if a lesson is cancelled that lesson is forfeited.


Students are responsible to schedule and cancel their lessons either with Zen Planner or directly with the coach who will be giving said lesson.


Students are also responsible to schedule any valid makeup lesson directly with their coach


Lesson slots are a set time if a student arrives late to the lesson they forfeit the time missed.


USA Fencing Membership


All members are required to be USA Fencing Members. As a part of your beginner package, you will be auto-enrolled as a non-competitive member. Past the first year, you are required to renew as a competitive member. USA Fencing is your competitive license and our carrier of insurance.


Club Affiliation


Epee Program members register as their primary club The Phoenix Center with their Division listed as The Hudson Berkshire


Sabre program members register as Kolakowski Sabre Academy primary and The Phoenix Center Secondary. With the Division listed as the Hudson Berkshire.


Member who chose to claim another club affiliation will receive lower priority on lesson scheduling, tournament coaching, and all other individual services.


Billing Payment


A valid CC with a two-year exp date and enrollment in our auto-billing system. Any non-CC payments must be made one week ahead of their auto billing date. Any bounced checks will incur the fee for said check. Cancellation of payments/ memberships must be made 30 days prior. Members who have to cancel a card for any reason must immediately notify and update their card on file.


Memberships that are cancelled and the student would like to rejoin at a later date are subject to a $350 re-enrollment fee.


Class Attendance

As we are membership or subscription-based service we are unable to allow people to skip months. You are allowed a one month hold once a year, with 60-day prior notice. Missed classes do not excuse from payment.


It is crucially important that you arrive for class on time. From the pedagogical structure of our classes where the warmup serves as the same one they as a group will do at tournaments, to the flow of the class and the skills taught reflect who is in the class it serves both the individual student and the group that members arrive on time. While we understand that events happen, and we try to be flexible, it inhibits your child’s development.


Class Cancellation

Classes may from time to time be cancelled due to Competitive Travel Schedule, Weather, Illness, etc. As our billing is based on once a week pricing, there will be no makeup classes. We will post on Facebook, as well as send an email to all valid membership, to alert of a cancellation.


Studio Decorum


Parents are to refrain from helping their children suit up and to remain absent from the floor.

At an event, the fencer is required to be able to perform these task themselves. In an effort to build a cohesive team students need to work together to learn to support one another. Students that require assistance need to ask another student, instructor, or head coach.


All bags need to go into the backroom, zipped up, and when possible placed in the bag rack.


The homework area is for work only, no equipment on the tables to preserve the functionality of the space.


Students are to come to class on time and ready to learn, with proper and clean athletic attire. Students that exhibit disruptive behaviour in classes will be asked to sit down, and continual disruptions will lead to a discussion with their families on the club culture and how best to fit them into ours.


Students are to take care of any equipment that they use and take pride in the facility as it is to be a safe and clean environment for their development. Students that intentionally damage any equipment or items in the club will be responsible for the cost of the repair and/or replacement


Tournament Decorum


Tournaments should be signed up for well in advance, the deadline is not the target date for registration. This gives us the ability to help reduce costs.


At the tournaments, students are responsible to check in for themselves, have their equipment checked (where applicable) to warm up and suit up. The minimum amount of time a student should arrive at the venue is an hour before the close of registration.


At events, students are expected to warm up with each other. You may warm up with other fencers as well, but your teammates come first. We stay till the last teammate is done and we cheer and support them as they fence.


Students should act in the best behaviour possible, as college coaches are often in attendance both as private coaches and in the referee cadre, and we want our students to be held in the highest regard. Any student that receives a black card is subject to suspension from future tournaments, coaching, classes, and all other club activities.


This behaviour extends to parents as well. Parents are to refrain from arguing or complaining about referees calls, or creating a hostile environment for our athletes, coaches, and the fencing community in general. Parents that exhibit this behaviour will be asked not to attend future events. For parents that do not comply, we will be forced to review the standing of their child’s membership with the club.


If two teammates fence, it is between them. At the end of the bout you are friends and teammates again. No one is permitted to coach them or cheer for them. Parents or teammates may bring them their waters at the break, but no coaching. We may not be near the strip when this occurs. We encourage your best effort, screaming and fighting for your touches are fine, and so is acknowledging touches too.


Coaching Policies


Local Tournaments $25 per event/day (if multiple events in the same day the one coaching fee covers all)


Local Tournaments are events within 90 miles of The Phoenix Center

With a MAX of $250 charged per day (per coach) If there are more students (11+) the Max price will be divided by all students attending.


-Regional Tournaments $50 per event/day (if multiple events in the same day the one coaching fee covers all) plus expenses if any. These are events outside of 90 Miles from The Phoenix Center


-National Tournaments $100 for the 1st event, $75 for the 2nd event, $50 for the 3rd and subsequent event plus expenses if any.


Team events do not count for this but are coached for free.


-Expenses are defined as Hotel accommodations, Airfare, Car rental, transportation to and from airport or airport parking, baggage fees, Gas for car travel, toll fares, etc.


-Expenses do not cover any food, entertainment, non-trip related travel, field trips/trip excursions (i.e. Museum, Aquarium, Zoo, etc.)


-Expense fees cannot be calculated until there is confirmation of all students attending.


-The Expense fee is divided by all students being Coached


-Students need to confirm that they would like Coaching 8 weeks prior to a NAC (two weeks before the close of the regular fee deadline) Although the earlier the better as to purchase plane tickets and arrange the best possible hotel situations


-Students need to confirm that they would like Coaching on the close of regular fee deadline for Regional events.


-Once a student commits to being coached at a NAC or Regional they are 100% responsible for the expense fee, and if they are being chaperoned their portion of their trip expenses. If they are unable to attend the said event, with notice and valid reason, they will however not be charged a Coaching Fee.


-There is no additional fee for Chaperoning, but the request for Chaperoning must be made at the same time as the request for Coaching. The Coach is free to determine if they can accommodate chaperoning on a case by case basis and what they feel comfortable with.


-For tournament coaching, students are responsible for either texting the coach or having someone text the coach when they are announced on deck, we will not answer the text. It is their responsibility for them to know when they are on deck; texts of up now, or on deck in error may result in missed bouts for you or a fellow student. We will be running between the strips trying my best to cover all athletes.


-There may be the use of additional coaches at an event within our network (i.e. Dennis Daly, Joe Fisher, Jerome Cordero, etc. ) so that we are able to help everybody. At times we assist their students as well to reciprocate.


-Direct Elimination bouts take priority over pool bouts.

Coaches will stay with the bout till it is either over or they believe it is in hand one way or another

Coaches may elect that a bout for one student has a higher priority if students are up at the same time based on their record, how it could affect their seeding and the possibility of moving up or not, or other factors (i.e. possible rating, points, qualification, etc.)


-If a student waves us off, tells us to go away, or any similar statement, we will. This is not a release of fees at this point.


-If a coach of another club starts to try and coach our athlete over us, because you have hired an additional coach or have a relationship with said coach, we will let them and walk away to assist our other athletes. This is not a release of fees at this point.


-For Chaperoning, Students will pay for their portion of their hotel rooms, and travel expenses. Students who elect to be chaperoning must pay for their full allotment of coaching services. This does not include food, side activities, spending money. Students must stay with the group at all times, and assist their teammates at the venue.


-There is a one-strike policy for drinking, drugs, smoking, and any other misconduct. This will forfeit your ability to be chaperoned in future events, as well as, once parents are contacted we will arrange a plan to either send you home or for them to come and take responsibility for you.