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Fencing in Poughkeepsie

250 Hooker Ave

Poughkeepsie NY, 12603


Our Poughkeepsie location is a full time facility with A/C, 2 bathrooms, lockers, and grounded strips.  

Our Poughkeepsie facility operates for regular classes and lessons 6 days a week.  We offer flexible lesson times and a variety of classes to best serve all our members.  Additionally, we host monthly tournaments and team events to give all ages and skill levels opportunities to fence.


Our Youth Program Schedule:

Monday: 5PM - 6PM

Wednesday:  5PM - 6PM

Saturday:  12PM - 1PM

Our Teen/Adult Program Schedule:

Epee Class:

Tuesday 6PM - 7PM

Thursday 7PM - 8PM

Saturday 1PM - 2PM

Tournament Prep Class:

Tuesday 7PM - 8PM

Saturday 2PM - 3PM

Open Bouting:

Tuesday & Thursday 8PM - 9PM

Saturday 3PM - 5PM

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