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Fencing in Poughkeepsie

250 Hooker Ave

Poughkeepsie NY, 12603


Our Poughkeepsie location is a full time facility with A/C, 2 bathrooms, lockers, and grounded strips.  

Our Poughkeepsie facility operates for regular classes and lessons 6 days a week.  We offer flexible lesson times and a variety of classes to best serve all our members.


Our Youth Program Schedule:

Monday: 5PM - 6PM

Wednesday:  5PM - 6PM

Saturday:  12PM - 1PM

Our Teen/Adult Program Schedule:

Epee Class:

Tuesday 6PM - 7PM

Thursday 7PM - 8PM

Saturday 1PM - 2PM

Tournament Prep Class:

Tuesday 7PM - 8PM

Saturday 2PM - 3PM

Open Bouting:

Tuesday & Thursday 8PM - 9PM

Saturday 3PM - 5PM

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